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I set a $20/month open-source donation budget for myself

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After reading the blog post from Babel, I realized that I could set a budget for myself to fund open-source projects that I use the most.

I use many open-source projects at work and in my side projects. But I rarely make donation for these projects (I did donate some open-source projects such as Vue.js). I used them for FREE.

I maintain open-source project too. I understand how difficult it is. It's not only about coding, but maintainers also need to design the product (API), make decisions, think about the project's direction.

Most OSS maintainers do it as a part-time job without being paid, but they deserve.

20isnotmuchformyincome,butIthinkitmeansalotfortheopen−sourcecommunity.Icanusethis20 to donate at least 4 projects ($5/project average). And I can change which projects to donate every month.

Currently I donate these projects and individuals:

You could set a budget for yourself too. It's the best way to help OSS projects be sustainable. Even $1/month means a lot!

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